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Operation Method Of Unloading Air In Industrial Chiller 's Cooling System

Sep 20, 2017

Operation Method of Unloading Air in Industrial Chiller 's Cooling System

Air is not condensable gas, that is, air in the general low temperature is not condensed into liquid. Industrial chillers refrigeration system, such as mixed with the air, will affect the condenser heat to increase the condensing pressure led to industrial chillers can not function properly. To this end, the refrigeration system with air to discharge it in order to maintain the normal operation of industrial chillers.

Freon system of chillers put the air to the operating steps

1. Close the reservoir outlet valve or condenser outlet valve

2. Start the compressor, the low pressure section of the refrigerant into the condenser or the receiver

3. To be low-voltage system pressure down to a stable vacuum after the shutdown

4. Loosen the exhaust valve off the valve through the hole plug, along the spin (spin around the circle around the exhaust valve stem into a three-way, so that high-pressure gas from the bypass hole to escape with the palm of your hand to block the exhaust air, When the hand feel cold and the hands of oil traces, indicating that the air has been basically finished tightening the screw should be tight, anti-rotating exhaust valve stem, closed dead hole.

5. Note:

① each deflation time should not be too long, can be continuous 2 to 3 times, so as not to waste refrigerant.

② If the end of the condenser or the receiver is equipped with a spare shut-off valve, the air can be discharged directly from the valve.