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Overheaing Is Causing Harm To The Equipment When Using Industrial Chiller

Nov 16, 2017

Overheaing is causing harm to the equipment when using industrial chiller

Industrial chiller overheating problems, have a serious negative impact on the work efficiency of the equipment . In order to maintain the safety and stability of industrial chillers, the actual use of industrial chillers, require enterprises to be based on actual needs, select the appropriate industrial chiller equipment, at the same time on a regular basis for industrial chillers for comprehensive maintenance and repair, effectively extending the industry Chiller use cycle.

Many enterprises in the use of industrial chillers, due to lack of maintenance, resulting in long-term industrial chiller overload status. Due to the high load, many devices generate a lot of heat. In a short game time, a large amount of heat can not be discharged in time and effectively. When the heat accumulates to a certain extent, it is very harmful to industrial chillers and even leads to the problems of high temperature melting of various key circuit components, Seriously affecting the normal use of industrial chillers, and even lead to many more serious consequences.

harm of overheating 

Industrial chiller overheating problems, the greater stability of the work of equipment. Due to the increased temperature and heat environment, resulting in a lot of cold source waste in vain. Under the premise of continuous loss of cold source, the ability of industrial chiller to reduce the ambient temperature is severely restricted. Many enterprises due to the existence of a serious problem of high temperature, resulting in inefficient industrial chiller, and accompanied by high energy consumption, seriously affecting the efficient production of enterprises.

Shorten equipment life

Many companies do not realize the impact of overheating on industrial chillers. If the working environment of the high temperature, prompting a lot of heat can not be timely and effective treatment, will inevitably affect the safe operation of industrial chillers. Industrial chiller non-normal state for a longer time, the greater the hazards for industrial chillers, companies need to recognize the good environment for industrial chillers, so as not to lead to shortened service life of industrial chillers problems arise. Industrial chiller shortened life expectancy, leading to the cost of using equipment increased, affecting the stable development of enterprises.

To maintain the safety and stability of industrial chillers, we must provide a safe and comfortable working environment for industrial chillers. Avoid high temperature and other issues, affecting the operation of equipment safety. Reduce the trouble of all kinds of trouble to industrial chiller.