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Pay Attention To Build Chiller Machine Room

Jul 18, 2017

What to pay attention to when establishing a chiller machine room? The room is to allow the chiller to have an independent and stable operating environment, to avoid wind and sun, as well as a variety of debris or dust damage to the unit to ensure that the chiller for a long time stable operation, increase service life. So it seems the engine room construction is very necessary, then the establishment of the engine room, we have to consider what the problem?

First, the room of the room

The foundation is the foundation. So first of all we have to determine is the installation location, this must choose a smooth and open place, and is the independent construction of a room, to avoid sharing space with other equipment, especially for high-power screw chillers. Unit installation site to ensure that will not be sun or rain, and to avoid pollution, corrosion, the unit installed, to leave enough space to keep the air circulation, easy to post-maintenance.

Second, power and water

The main function of the chiller is to cool, to provide low-temperature process of chilled water to the cooling equipment. Power and water must be taken into account. Before installation and operation, be sure to follow the power supply shown on the nameplate to power, and to ensure that the voltage and current stability, to meet the chiller cooling system electricity standards, especially the power load and grounding part, must be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations construction.

To connect the water supply to the chiller is to use the pipeline, pipe piping, according to the throat throat size to match, not to shrink or expand the size of the water pipe, so as not to cause high pressure overload or lack of water circulation, resulting in the unit can not run properly. Whether it is the layout of the wire or pipe, must be a reasonable design, and they are fixed processing. Especially the pipeline, the arrangement will not directly affect the chilled water cooling water flow. In addition, the chillers of the chilled water pipe must remember the package insulation layer! The The

Three, solid, vibration

We require that the installation of the chiller must ensure that the ground is flat and stable. Unit in the operation will have a certain amplitude, vibration will not only produce noise, but also make the chiller displacement. Therefore, the factory in the installation unit, you can take vibration damping accessories to reduce noise and vibration, and must be on the unit for fastening.