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Precautions For The Purchase Of Industrial Chiller Equipment

Mar 10, 2021

Precautions for the purchase of industrial chiller equipment

People in the industry are often worried about purchasing chiller equipment. They choose high-priced auctions, and choose low-priced auctions. The editor of An Yida chiller believes that the current domestic and foreign refrigerators are different in terms of price, technology, and functions. There are characteristics. When companies purchase chiller equipment, they can follow the "four musts and three nots", which is more conducive to helping companies choose the most suitable compressor equipment when purchasing compressor equipment.

   1, compare equipment

The same PLC is controlled and the same man-machine interface is operated, but the number and methods of control points are very different. There will be qualitative differences in the reliability, safety, stability, precision, and sensitivity of the equipment. Of course, the manufacturing cost of the equipment is The selling price will also vary. So don't be overly superstitious about PLC, but also in-depth comparison.

   2. Pay attention to functions

  What are the equipment functions you most want, what are the main ones, and which supplier provides the equipment that best meets your needs, that is, compare the "compliance" of the equipment suppliers. The higher the degree of compliance, the better the product you buy meets the requirements. Its function is not that the more the better, but the more it can meet the needs of actual use.

    3, consider after-sales

After-sales service is very important. The failure rate, downtime rate and timeliness of maintenance of compressor equipment directly affect the market supply and reputation of the company’s products, and directly affect the manufacturing cost of the product and the economic benefits of the company. Therefore, when purchasing equipment at home and abroad , Can not ignore the impact of after-sales service on the operation of the equipment, try to choose a supplier with good after-sales service.

   4. To estimate the cost of operations

The operating cost of the equipment, including: (water, electricity, oil, etc.), the number and quality requirements of the operators, the price and replacement frequency of parts and wearing parts, the cost of after-sales service engineers, the life and depreciation rate of the equipment, etc. .

   The above are the four key points for the chiller to share equipment purchases for friends in the industry, and the following are three mindsets not to have.

   1, don't try to be cheap

It is difficult for large and small companies at home and abroad to sell refrigerators at a lower price. If they are sold at a lower price, the company's choice of refrigeration compressor equipment accessories and parts will become worse, because, It is impossible for a business to lose money. "The essence of buying but not selling" blindly lowered the price, and in the end, it was yourself who suffered the loss.

   2. Don't talk about the price first and then set the function

   Buyers of many companies like to talk about prices first, thinking that their task is to buy back products at low prices and save costs, but put the cart before the horse. The purpose of the company's purchase of chillers is to enhance the company's hard power. Therefore, we must first clarify the functions of the chiller before we know whether it is suitable for the development needs of the company. In addition, only by fully understanding the functions of each component can we have a good price. Only when we negotiate with the manufacturer can we have a bottom line. Therefore, when purchasing refrigerator equipment, you must fully understand all aspects of the equipment, and then negotiate the price.

   3, don’t cut across the board

   The refrigeration compressor products provided by different domestic and foreign manufacturers are different in terms of product prices and functions. When purchasing compressors, we should fully understand the product situation of each supplier and do not choose from the products of a single supplier. Try to conduct in-depth technical exchanges with similar suppliers as much as possible to understand and grasp the advantages and disadvantages of different suppliers, especially the level and uniqueness of equipment technical equipment. In the choice of equipment, make full use of the uniqueness of suppliers and create uncertain factors, thereby intensifying competition among suppliers. Finally, through this competition, you can obtain the equipment performance you expect and pay the equipment price that you think is more reasonable. To achieve the best cost performance.

   When buying industrial refrigeration equipment, you must be clear about your purpose, you must purchase purposefully, and don't blindly pursue low-priced products. This kind of purchased product has no effect on the production and development of the enterprise, but it increases the burden on the enterprise.

   The above is the "four musts and three nots" for companies purchasing refrigeration equipment. The correct way to purchase equipment is to experience with your heart and use actions to select models. The editor sums it up for you: four (compare equipment, pay attention to functions, consider after-sales, and consider operating costs), three (don't make a cheap price, don't talk about the price and then set the function, don't make one size fits all)