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Principles For The Use Of Antifreeze In Industrial Chillers

Jul 07, 2018

Principles for the use of antifreeze in industrial chillers

The following important principles must be observed during the use and replacement of antifreeze:

1. The concentration should be as low as possible. Because it has a certain degree of corrosiveness, the lower the concentration of the compound chiller, the safer it is when it meets the antifreeze performance of the industrial chiller.

2. The shorter the time used, the better. Any kind of material has a certain time limit. For example, if the antifreeze solution is used for a long time, it will deteriorate. The antifreeze after the deterioration will be more corrosive and the viscosity will change. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the industrial chiller, the enterprise must Pay attention to regular replacement.

3, can not mix different brands of antifreeze. When each manufacturer produces antifreeze, the ingredients used are different, and the additive formula is different. Therefore, it is forbidden to mix different types of antifreezes of different brands to avoid chemical reaction, precipitation or bubble generation, thus affecting industrial cold water. The machine runs stably.