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Protection Devices For Air-cooled Chiller Compressor?

Sep 03, 2018

Protection Devices for Air-cooled Chiller compressor?

First, the internal thermostat (installed inside the compressor)

In order to prevent the air-cooled chiller from running continuously for 24 hours, causing high-load operation of the compressor, poor electromagnetic switch, overcurrent caused by holding the shaft, or failure of the motor due to motor temperature, the compressor is internally installed. The internal thermostat is installed on the neutral contact of the three-phase motor. When an abnormality occurs, the motor is protected by simultaneously cutting off the three phases.

What are the protection devices for these air-cooled chiller refrigeration compressors?

Second, the electromagnetic switch

The electromagnetic switch is used to control the operation of the refrigeration compressor of the air-cooled chiller of the air-cooled chiller. The shut-off is intended to be closed, and it should be kept vertical during installation. If the installation is wrong, the joint spring pressure will change and noise will be generated. , causing phase loss operation, for the model of the compressor with a direct power failure protector inside, there is no need to load the protector.

Third, the reverse phase protector

The structure of the scroll compressor and the piston compressor are different. It cannot reverse the reverse phase of the three-phase power supply of the air-cooled chiller. Therefore, the reverse phase protector needs to be installed to prevent the reverse compression of the refrigeration press. . After the reverse phase protector is installed, the compressor can be operated in the normal phase and does not operate in the reverse phase. When a reverse phase occurs, just reverse the two lines of the power supply and change to the normal phase.

Fourth, exhaust temperature protector

In order to protect the compressor under high load operation or insufficient refrigerant, an exhaust gas temperature protector needs to be installed in the air-cooled chiller system, and the exhaust gas temperature is set to 130±5°C for compression. The machine stops, and the temperature value refers to the position detection temperature of the compressor exhaust pipe within 10 cm from the outlet.

Five, low voltage switch

In order to protect the air-cooled chiller compressor from running when the refrigerant is insufficient, a low-pressure switch is required. When the temperature is set to 0.03 mpa or more, the compressor is stopped. Once the compressor is running in the state of insufficient refrigerant, the temperature of the compressor part and the motor part will rise instantaneously. At this time, the low-voltage switch can damage the compressor and the motor that cannot be protected by the internal temperature and the exhaust temperature protector. Burned for protection.

Sixth, high voltage switch

The compressor can be stopped when the high pressure rises abnormally, and the operating pressure is set to 3.0 mpa or less.