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Reasons For Thermal Protection Of Industrial Chiller Compressor

Jul 18, 2017

There is a thermal switch inside part of the compressor inside , the role of this switch is when the compressor temperature exceeds the set value off to the compressor motor power supply line, until the compressor can be connected before cooling, the compressor can jobs. If thermal protection often occurs, we will look for the cause of the occurrence.

Reason 1, the refrigeration system lack of refrigerant, when the refrigerant is insufficient, it will make the compressor refrigerant overheating, resulting in the overall heat compressor, so that the thermal switch action, resulting in compressor thermal protection. Treatment: make up the refrigerant, boot state, the compressor return air pipe should be cool.

Cause 2, the compressor condensation pressure is too high, the cooling water or ambient temperature is too high will make the compressor exhaust pressure is too high, resulting in exhaust temperature is too high, which is the compressor overheating. Solution: Clean the condenser, or increase the cooling water flow pressure.

Cause 3, chiller selection is wrong, selection is small. When the compressor selection is too small will appear small horse carts, chillers can never reach the set temperature, the compressor will continue to work until the compressor thermal protection so far. Treatment: re-select the new chiller, must have a magnification factor to ensure that the chiller can meet the set temperature shutdown.

Cause 4, the compressor motor failure, there is poor insulation of the enameled wire, will cause the compressor current is too large, will be thermal protection. Remedy: Replace the compressor.