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Screw Compressor Major Advantages

Jan 04, 2018

Screw Compressor Major Advantages

Screw compressor as a rotary refrigeration compressor,has piston and power (speed) both characteristics.

1, Compared with the reciprocating piston refrigeration compressor, screw refrigeration compressor with a high speed, light weight, small size, small footprint and low exhaust pulse and a series of advantages.

2, screw refrigeration compressor without reciprocating mass inertia, dynamic balance performance, stable operation, the base vibration, the foundation can be made smaller.

3, screw refrigeration compressor simple structure, a small number of parts, there is no valve, piston rings and other wearing parts, its main friction pieces such as the rotor, bearings, etc., the strength and wear resistance are relatively high, and lubrication conditions Good, so less machining, low material consumption, long operating cycle, simple maintenance, is conducive to the realization of automation.

4, Compared with the speed compressor, the screw compressor has the characteristics of forced gas, that is, the displacement is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, the displacement does not occur in a small surge phenomenon, in a wide range of workers Within the context of the situation, can still maintain a high efficiency.

5, using a slide valve adjustment, enabling energy stepless adjustment.

6, screw compressor is not sensitive to the inlet, you can use fuel injection cooling, so the same pressure ratio, the exhaust temperature is much lower than the piston, so the single-stage pressure ratio.

7, there is no clearance volume, volume and therefore high efficiency.

Screw refrigeration compressor still exist the following defects:

1, the refrigerant gas periodically through the suction, exhaust port, through the gap leakage and other reasons, the compressor has a lot of noise, noise reduction measures need to be taken.

2, the spiral surface of the rotor high precision machining requirements, the need to use special equipment and tools to processing.

3, due to the gap seal and the rigidity of the rotor and other restrictions, the current screw compressor can not like the reciprocating compressor as to reach a higher end pressure.