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Six Actors To Choose Industrial Chiller Exactly

May 22, 2017

When selecting the chiller, we can choose the following six major factors.

Condition 1, temperature range

When choosing an industrial chiller, the factory must first consider the temperature requirements. The preparation of temperature is of great importance to the selection of chiller and the composition of the system. Cold water machines for air conditioning and chillers for cryogenic engineering, for example, often have fundamental differences.

Condition 2 refrigeration and single unit cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of the cold water system is directly related to the energy consumption and the operation economic effect of the whole unit, which is worth paying attention to. Especially in the design of cooling station, usually without a single cold water machine, which is mainly taken into account when a chiller failure or downtime, not to stop, but should be combined with production, the selection of units.

Condition 3, energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to power consumption and steam consumption. Especially the use of large industrial chillers, consideration should be given to the comprehensive utilization of energy, because of the large cold water machine when a larger energy consumption equipment, so for large refrigeration cooling station, should give full consideration to the comprehensive utilization of electricity, heat, cold and balance, special attention should be paid to the full use of waste steam and waste heat, in order to achieve the best economic results.

Condition 4, environmental protection

When selecting a chiller, environmental protection must be taken into consideration in order to facilitate production, research and life. For example, the following should be stressed: the noise of cold water when the machine is running, the noise value with the chiller or decreases in the size of the refrigerant; some cold water machine with toxicity, irritation, burning and explosive; some refrigerants damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere, to a certain extent, will bring disaster to human beings.

Condition 5, vibration

When the chiller is running, it will vibrate, but the frequency and amplitude are different due to the type of the unit. If the vibration control requirements, should choose a smaller amplitude chiller, or cold water base and pipe vibration reduction treatment.

Condition 6: water quality of cooling water

Water quality of cooling water, influence of heat exchanger is larger, its role is to endanger the equipment fouling and corrosion, it will not only affect the lower water refrigerating capacity, and will lead to serious heat pipe blockage and damage.