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Some Way To Save Evnergy For Semi-hermetric Compressor

Oct 25, 2017

Some way to save evnergy for semi-hermetric compressor

Semi-hermetic compressors are now a very common social equipment. In our lives is very common, the rational use of semi-hermetic compressors for businesses can greatly increase production efficiency and production interests. Is a very practical mechanical equipment. This time, we talk about some of the ways that semi-hermetic compressors are saving energy.

1, the principle for energy-saving : to improve the evaporation temperature, reduce the condensation temperature. To meet the equipment safety and production needs under the premise of maximizing the evaporation temperature and reduce the condensation temperature. This has increased the transformation of the cooling tower to ensure the cooling water efficiency.

2, to prevent and reduce the pipeline fouling to improve the condenser and evaporator heat transfer efficiency, make up water If the water treatment is not good, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate heat generated by calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate will be deposited in the pipeline The So that the thermal conductivity decreased, affecting the condenser and evaporator heat transfer efficiency, and equipment to run a substantial increase in electricity. At this point in addition to the use of water treatment technology, you can also use the pipeline regularly automatic cleaning equipment for pipeline cleaning.

3, adjust a reasonable running load

In the case of safe operation of the equipment, the cooling of the host running at 70% -80% load than 100% load, the unit cooling power consumption is smaller. The use of this way to start with the pump, cooling tower to consider the operation of the situation.

Semi-hermetic compressors are widely used in the current society. Many industries will choose to use semi-hermetic compressors. Semi-hermetic compressors in the use of the time in accordance with the above way to work, so that can better ensure the semi-hermetic compressor energy-saving effect.