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The Advantage Of Air Source Heat Pump For Air Conditioning

Sep 25, 2017

The Advantage of Air Source Heat Pump for Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, the core is refrigerant. Refrigerant of low temperature, aborb the indoor air , was transported to the air conditioning of the outdoor unit. Air-conditioning outdoor unit installed with high-power fan, the heat directly blown away. That's why we pass all kinds of air conditioning units, often feel a steady stream of hot air blowing.

The air source heat pump when cooling which is similar to air conditioning, also use of refrigerant, but the heat pump unit make heat exchange, not only rely on refrigerant, but also added water pipes which as a secondary medium to transport cooling capacity. In the cooling mode, the heat pump produces low temperature cooling water, and along the pipeline pump to the ends of the building. In the end, the cold water turn to cold air, timely efflux, to achieve indoor cooling.

In summer, when open the air conditioning, indoor humidity is getting down badly? Because the air conditioner used in the refrigerant, which is a large part of the fluorine. Fluorine media in the process of transferring heat, severe dehumidification, will accelerate the evaporation of our skin surface water, resulting in dry mouth, causing physical discomfort. Then adopt air source heat pump cooling, because the cold wind completely changed from cold water, not dry, the overall comfort is just, more suitable for long-term work, rest.

Air conditioning not only for cooling, but also can heating, but it can not provide hot water. And the air source heat pump is not only cooling and heating, but also can provide massive hot water. Air heat pump from the air to absorb low-grade heat, through the compressor processing, will be converted into high-grade heat, after a series of heat exchange process, resulting in hot water. These hot water, with the end to achieve the whole house heating, but also can be directly transported to the pool, nozzle, for bath hot water.

The next few years, with the steady development of air energy technology, air heat pump in the refrigeration, heating areas will occupy an increasingly important position, will become a major air - conditioning "competitors.