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The Chiller Maintenance Process Should Be Done In Five Steps

May 24, 2018

The chiller maintenance process should be done in five steps

The chiller maintenance process should pay attention to a comprehensive analysis of the matters needing attention. After determining the chiller maintenance plan, we must determine the time for a series of chiller maintenance work. Of course, these maintenance must be performed by professional service personnel. In the chiller maintenance process, the following five steps should be done to avoid possible accidents.


1. According to the requirements of the chiller maintenance plans determined by both parties, prepare the accessories, tools, and materials needed for the maintenance of the chiller to guarantee good quality, sufficient quantity, and timely supply.


Second, to carry out repairs to the chiller troubleshooting, the troubleshooting procedures should be followed in reverse order of the inspection procedures, ie, the four systems of fluorine, oil, water, and electricity, in order to avoid the occurrence of maintenance rework due to fault crossover. Save repair time and ensure maintenance quality.


Third, correct / accurate use of refrigeration and mechanical maintenance and other aspects of knowledge to operate. For example, decomposition and assembly of compressors, cleaning and maintenance of refrigeration systems, commissioning and maintenance of control system equipment and components, brazing, welding, unit pressure testing, leak detection, vacuum pumping, dehumidification, refrigerant and lubricant charging Note and discharge a series of operations.


Fourth, in the repair process of the chiller, the disassembled parts must be arranged neatly and marked so that they can be identified and prevented from being lost.


5. When reassembling a chiller or replacing parts, perform performance inspections on parts one by one to prevent unqualified parts from being loaded into the unit, causing rework losses.


The above is a summary of the precautions to be taken during the maintenance of chiller maintenance by Anyda, hoping to help new and old customers.