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The Difference From Piston Compressor And Screw Compressor

Mar 06, 2019

The difference from piston compressor and screw compressor

Classification from type

Both the screw refrigeration compressor and the piston refrigeration compressor are volumetric compressors, and the screw refrigeration compressor is a new type of high speed refrigeration compressor.

Screw-type refrigeration compressors and piston refrigeration compressors are silly and unclear? It’s just like this distinction.

Differentiate in principle

From the principle of compressed gas, the two compressors have the common point that the gas is compressed by the change of volume; the difference is that the two types of compressors have different ways of changing the working volume. The piston refrigeration compressor changes the working volume of the cylinder by the movement of the crankshaft linkage mechanism; the screw refrigeration compressor changes the working volume by the rotary motion of the rotor directly connected to the shaft.

Distinguish from the overall structure

The screw refrigeration compressor does not have the cylinders, pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners and other consumable parts required for the piston refrigeration compressor. The machine is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, and has no clearance capacity. When a small amount of liquid enters the machine, there is no Liquid hammer hazard. The valve can be used for 10%-100% stepless energy adjustment, wide application range, stable and reliable operation, long maintenance period, and trouble-free operation time (2~5)×104h. Due to the use of lubricating oil to improve the cooling and sealing performance of the machine, the exhaust gas temperature is reduced, even if the evaporation temperature is low (-40 ° C) and the compression is relatively high (about 25), it can still be operated in a single stage, that is, within a certain range. Can replace the two-stage compression cycle. However, the processing and assembly requirements of the screw refrigeration compressor are high, and it is not suitable for operation under variable working conditions. There is a large noise. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to install noise reduction and sound insulation equipment. Lubricating oils require a large number of auxiliary equipment such as oil pumps, oil coolers and oil recovery units.

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