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The Filter Screen Should Be Cleaned Or Replaced?

Jun 05, 2017

What is the filter screen of the chiller? Chillers, no matter air cooled or water cooled, in fact, there are filter screen,which work with desiccant generally used together, known as dry filters, what is the role of the filter screen?

The filter can filter the refrigerant in the operation, may be entrained metal debris some refrigerators and other impurities, no matter what impurities, the filter can filter out, thereby ensuring the pure refrigerant, the refrigerant with no impurities, can guarantee the efficiency and efficiency of using refrigerant compressor.

Filter screen may be due to the role of filtration and surface dirt appear, in this case, the refrigerator filter screen should be clean, clean, wash and continue to use it? Or should it be replaced directly?

We think that filter should regularly clean and clean, cleaning and cleaning the condenser and the filtering net is not the same, after all the other filters are not suitable for cleaning and dust removal operation of the ordinary, and handling trouble, is best cleaning by blowing ways, such as the use of air blowing, the debris and through the air blown away from the body.

Is the filter screen clean or replaced?

In the short term, filters can be cleaned and cleaned by common cleaning and cleaning and blowing. In the long run, they need to be replaced, not cleaned and blown away for ever.

To know that the function of filtering net in the refrigeration machine is to filter impurities of refrigerant, the filter is not a special component, the long time contact of refrigerant and play a role of filtering impurities, even regular cleaning, there may appear all sorts of problems, so the long term, after washing several times. Should replace the.

Speaking of the filter, should also be said desiccant, desiccant is dry refrigerant, you know, the refrigerant in the compressor is running, compressor, in the continued work in the pipeline, will come into contact with water, the water is allowed in the refrigerant in the refrigerant, but should as far as possible does not contain water, otherwise it will be in the compressor refrigerator in compression, so the desiccant exists, its purpose is to make refrigerant drying, not containing excess water, thereby affecting the overall operation of refrigeration effect.