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The Name And Function Of Each Component In Cold Room?

Oct 30, 2017

The name and function of each component in cold room?

Compressor: It is the role of compression-driven refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit. Compressor to extract the refrigerant from the low pressure area to be compressed and sent to the high pressure zone cooling condensation, through the heat sink to send heat to the air, the refrigerant from the gaseous into liquid, the pressure increases.

Condenser: is one of the main heat exchange equipment in the cold storage refrigeration system. Its function is to cool and condense the high temperature refrigerant superheated steam discharged from the assembled cold storage compressor into high pressure liquid.

Evaporator: the heat inside the cold storage is sucked, so that the liquid refrigerant in the low-pressure low-temperature evaporation, the heat from the freezer by the heat and evaporated, into a gaseous refrigerant, gaseous refrigerant was sucked into the compressor compression, and then Discharged into the condenser. Basically, the evaporator and the condenser of the same principle, the difference is the former to absorb heat to the library, which is to the outside heat.

Storage tank: Store the freon storage tank to ensure that the refrigerant is always in a saturated state.

Solenoid valve: one to prevent the compressor when the high pressure part of the refrigerant into the evaporator, to avoid the compressor next time the low pressure is too high to prevent the compressor liquid blow. The temperature of the cold storage reaches the set value when the thermostat action, solenoid valve power loss, low pressure to reach the shutdown set value when the compressor stops, when the cold storage temperature rise to the set value, the thermostat action, solenoid valve The compressor, the low pressure rises to the compressor start setting when the compressor starts.

High and low voltage protection: to prevent high pressure over low pressure low protection compressor.

Thermostat: the equivalent of cold storage of the brain control of the cold storage and parking and frost, fan of the open and stop.

Drying filter: filter system impurities and moisture.

Hydraulic protection: to ensure that the compressor has enough oil.

Expansion valve: also known as throttle valve, it can make the system high and low pressure to form a huge pressure difference, so that the expansion valve outlet high-pressure refrigeration liquid quickly thawed evaporation, through the wall to absorb the heat in the air, hot and cold exchange.

Oil Separator: The role of the refrigerant compressor is discharged from the high-pressure steam in the oil to separate, to ensure safe and efficient operation of the device. According to the principle of reducing the air flow and changing the direction of the oil flow, the oil in the high pressure steam can be separated under the action of gravity. The general air flow rate of 1m / s below, can be contained in the steam diameter of 0.2mm above the oil particles separated. Commonly used oil separators are washed, centrifugal, filler type and filter type four.

Evaporator pressure control valve: is to prevent the evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) reduced to below the specified value. It is sometimes used to adjust the evaporator to force to accommodate changes in load.

Fan governor: This series of fan governor is mainly used for outdoor air-cooled condenser fan motor cooling speed, or cold storage for cold storage.