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The Principle Of Adopt Anti-freeze Fiuld In Industrial Chiller

Mar 12, 2018

The Principle of Adopt Anti-freeze Fiuld in Industrial Chiller

The role of antifreeze in industrial chillers is to prevent the heat exchanger, piping, or engine block from cracking due to freezing of the coolant. Therefore, in the operation and use of the industrial chiller, the chiller antifreeze must be replaced in advance. The replacement of the proper antifreeze has a crucial role in the stable operation and prolonged service life of the equipment.

When selecting the antifreeze, it is necessary to first consider the use of the environment. Although many companies believe that the higher the concentration of antifreeze, the higher the operational safety of the equipment. In fact, the exact opposite is true. The type of antifreeze that an enterprise uses to replace the industrial chiller needs careful analysis based on the long-term operating environment of the company.

Only the concentration of antifreeze can meet the requirements of the enterprise's operating environment, then the safety of the enterprise's use of industrial chillers can be guaranteed, otherwise, the replacement of chillers by enterprises does not have any practical significance, and even lead to enterprises wasting the cost of replacing industrial chillers. Not conducive to the long-term use of industrial chillers.

As an enterprise, if the antifreeze of the equipment is seriously deteriorated, it is very unfavorable for the enterprise. Can seriously test the equipment, and regular replacement of high-quality antifreeze products, in order to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, the higher the stability of the equipment operation, the longer the company's life expectancy of industrial chillers.

The use of chillers by enterprises requires the timely replacement of antifreeze products, since different antifreeze products will have different methods in the process of replacement. The equipment life can be extended by controlling the replacement cycle of the equipment and selecting an antifreeze product that is suitable for the company's equipment. The longer the life of an enterprise using an industrial chiller, the lower the operating costs incurred by the company.

It should be noted that the following important principles must be followed during the process of using and replacing antifreeze:

1, the concentration should be as low as possible. Because it has a certain degree of corrosivity, the lower the concentration, the safer it is to meet the antifreeze performance of industrial chillers.

2. The shorter the time used, the better. Any kind of material has a certain time limit, such as the use of antifreeze for a long time will be degenerate, after the deterioration of the antifreeze is more corrosive, the viscosity will change, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of industrial chiller, the company must Pay attention to regular replacement.

3, can not mix different brands of antifreeze. When each manufacturer produces antifreeze, the ingredients used are different, and the additive formula is not the same. Therefore, it is forbidden to use different brands of different types of antifreeze to avoid chemical reactions, sedimentation, or bubbles, thereby affecting industrial cold water. The machine runs stably.