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The Reason Of Dew In The Bottom Of The Condenser?

Jan 16, 2018

  The reason of dew in the bottom of the condenser?

  1. It is unnormal that dew at the botom of the condenser when running,may be the refrigerant less,at the same time to see if the refrigerant outlet pipe position is higher,the condenser design fuluid position has some relationship with the height,but the probability of such a situation is small.

  2. the condenser in the shutdown state of the unit is possible this situation, but can not determine whether it is normal. When the unit is shut down, the pressure of the condenser is usually higher than the pressure of the evaporator. If the compressor's discharge side can not effectively prevent the high-pressure gas from flowing back to the evaporator side when shutdown, the liquid of the condenser will appear The flash causes condensation on the bottom of the condenser.

    Long-term shutdown of the unit, even if the evaporator and condenser can be effectively cut off, but there may be condensation phenomenon. Unit if it is placed outdoors, after a long period of downtime because of the high temperature side of the uneven temperature, leading to low temperature refrigerant to move the phenomenon of migration occurred, leading to the occurrence of condensation.