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The Reason Why The Fan Is Not Running?

Jul 28, 2017

Many of the lack of water resources, or supporting the cooling equipment with mechanical cooling equipment, then use a few years later, there may be some of these minor failures. More common is the  the fan of unit may not run. Therefore, today to share the causes and solutions air-cooled chillers fan does not run .

First, the fan's motor windings burn out. Workaround: Replace the motor or rewinding group.

Second, the belt is damaged. Workaround: Replace the belt.

Third, the fan relay burned. Workaround: Replace the relay.

Fourth, the wire wiring loose. Solution: Check and tighten the wire wiring.

Fifth, the fan motor bearing stuck. Workaround: Replace the bearing.

Air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers function is the same, are cooling cooling, the main difference is that different ways of cooling. Air-cooled chillers fan is very important, it is air-cooled unit fin-type condenser constantly with the air exchange parts, once the heat is not good, then a direct impact on the chiller can not be normal cooling.