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The Structure Of Air-cooled Chiller

Jan 16, 2017

Air-cooled chillers mainly focuses on overall machine, evaporator, compressor and condenser together. For more powerful air cooled industrial chiller, condenser cooling fan, need to consider the work of thermal problems in air-conditioned factories, the overall exhaust duct needs to be set to cooling fan blowing out heat to the outside.

Air coolers because of their expertise in the use of a wide range of applications, so its name is more extensive, chiller work the equivalent of a multifunctional machine, get rid of the liquid-steam heat through compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. Vapor-Compression chiller contains four main components of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle the compressor, evaporator, condenser, part of the metering device is realized in the form of different refrigerants. Absorption chillers using water as the refrigerant, and rely on between water and lithium bromide solution to achieve the cooling effect is very user-friendly. Cold water circulation system of the compressor group can setting temperature for three rollers machine.