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Triple Oil Cooler Works

Jan 16, 2017

Cooling and lubrication oil is the main role of the oil cooler, oil cooler in power system of steam turbine, turbine oil special cooling equipment, during the process of steam turbine and generator operation, keep the bearing temperature in the normal range. The oil cooler tube surface using water as a heat exchange medium, thus ensuring the bearing inlet oil temperature reaches the specified value, to ensure normal operation of the unit. Taizhou zhongtian heat today to talk about the next oil cooler works, I hope all of you can help.

The main components of the oil cooler water, shell pipeline and oil-filled, and connected with a water pipe on the shell, in and out of the tubing, drain pipe, exhaust pipe, exhaust pipes and temperature gauges. Closed type cooling water through cold oil device of top Department end cover into cold oil device, then in cold oil device internal small of tube flow, countless small of cooling pipes through distribution in cold oil device internal of clapboard fixed, through clapboard, cold oil device interval into several a small of space, lubricants in cooling water tube outside to s shaped flow, such layout can increased effective of for hot area, improve cooling effect. At the bottom of the oil cooler, form a cooling Chamber.