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Type Of Cooling Coil And Maintenance Method

Jul 07, 2018

Type of Cooling Coil and Maintenance Method

First, the product category

There are two types of air coolers: one is the heat exchanger of the fan coil, and its performance determines the ability of the fan coil to transport cold (heat) and the influence on the air volume. This equipment is generally available in air conditioners. The second is the air-cooled fin condenser in the air conditioning unit.

The main functions of the air cooler include: the use of a refrigerant to absorb heat in the surface cooler, so that the temperature of the cooling space is gradually reduced. The air cooler cools the air flowing through the heat exchange fins outside the tube through the chilled water (refrigerant water) inside the air conditioner, and the fan sends the cooled cold air to the use place for cooling.

Second, the maintenance method of the cooler:

1. The air cooler is usually installed directly in the air conditioner, and its service status and service quality affect the indoor air quality and noise level. Therefore, a good air filter, water must be the daily maintenance of the main components of the plate, coils, fans, etc., to ensure that the fan coil is normal.

2, the table cooler coil maintenance: the coil is responsible for the cooling of the cold water, the important mission of the cold fan coil air. Efficient heat, ensuring that the smooth surface coils that are required are maintained as much as possible. However, the fan coils are generally equipped with a coarse filter, and the hole is large. When starting to use, it is inevitable that the dust filter coil tube and the fin surface are attached. If, the cleaning of the time, the amount of heat exchange between the coil cold water and the air flowing outside the coil is reduced, so that the heat exchange function of the coil is fully exerted. If there is a lot of dust attached, even the air passage between the fins is blocked, and the air volume of the fan coil is reduced, and the air conditioning performance is degraded.

The coil cleaning clean air filter maintenance method protection method, the cleaning cycle is long, ordinary one year and one time. If it is the use of seasonal air conditioners, the air conditioners use cleanliness after the end of the season.

Thirdly,Fault repair of the air cooler:

1. Contamination between the tube cooler and the ribs: After running for a period of time, the dust in the air is stuck between the fins and the light pipe of the air cooler, so that all or part of the surface cooler is fouled, so that the air The decrease in the flow rate affects the heat exchange effect of the air cooler, and the problem of fouling can be solved by periodically cleaning the air cooler.

2. Leakage: The air cooler is operated under humid conditions all the year round. The pipes and welds are easily corroded, causing leakage or running water. Only when the pressure test of the air cooler is carried out regularly to prevent such accidents, the air cooler can be operated safely.