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Types of Air Conditioner ?

Aug 14, 2017

Types of Air Conditioner?

There are normally three kinds of air conditoner,water chiller+fan coil,air chiller+ air duct and condensing unit+ dx type air handling.

Water Chiller+ Fan Coil


Refrigerant piping and chilled water piping separate, no refrigerant leakage risk.

Outside the machine less, generally an outdoor unit can drag 7 to 8 sets of fan coil to meet the overall air conditioning requirements.

Indoor unit with fan coil, low noise, quiet operation.

Through the electromagnetic three-way valve, can be flexible control fan coil start.

Due to more family room, while the use of a smaller coefficient, it may be appropriate to reduce the outdoor unit model, this function is similar with the inverter.

The operating power of the external machine depends on the number of fan coil opening, when using less fan coil, the external machine to run less power to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.


High cost, initial investment.

Winter without air conditioning heating, still need to power the unit antifreeze. ;

Accessories, such as water valve, exhaust valve, etc., individual models need to install expansion tank, increase the leakage point.

Outdoor body size larger, heavy, not suitable for use in more than 2 units, apartment-style residential.

Air Chiller+ Air Duct


Indoor, outside the machine less, a floor of a unit will be able to meet.

Control is simple.

Beautiful. Air conditioning hidden in the ceiling, the room can only see the outlet, do not destroy the decoration pattern.

Cooling distribution evenly. Through the rational design of the duct, to meet the owners to send air conditioning requirements, for example: 4 square meters of the bathroom, the general multi-line or split machine, no suitable models with supporting, easy to cause waste of resources.

Can focus on the introduction of fresh air, so that each room can get fresh air room.

Low cost.


Need a large area of the ceiling, and the ceiling height is high, reducing the height of the room.

When the air volume control valve is not installed, the room can not be controlled separately.

Any room needs, all to open the air conditioning unit, a serious waste of resources.

Equipment, noise, the general need for a separate compartment placed within the machine and static pressure box.

Generally need to provide three-phase power supply, not suitable for single-phase power supply building.

Multi-line( Condensing Unit+dx Type Air Handling Unit)


Outdoor units less, does not affect the appearance of the building.

Cost lower than the water cooler, operating costs lower.

Flexible control, individual brands can also be remotely controlled by telephone and modem.

Low noise, quiet operation.

Installation is simple, no three-phase power supply, short duration.


Refrigerant tube length, indoor and outdoor machine height difference is strictly limited, not applicable to the room depth of the larger room type.

Static pressure outside the machine, short distance from the air.

A set of units of cooling (heat) capacity is limited, can not meet the larger room air conditioning requirements.

General an internal machine needs a set of control lines, wiring cumbersome, easy to failure.