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Water Chiller Maintenance

Dec 07, 2017

Water Chiller Maintenance

Chiller is already an integral part of the plastics, electronics, chemicals, food preservation, ink printing, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries, its main role is to provide equipment for the production of chilled water in order to achieve the purpose of cooling. Industrial chiller refrigeration effect is good or bad, depending on its quality. However, as we all know, there is always wear and tear on industrial chillers. Therefore, we need to regularly record and analyze its operating parameters, listen to the sounds made during operation, check the usage of refrigerants and refrigerants, and periodically For its maintenance operations. Industrial chiller daily maintenance is very simple, it is recommended that users consider from the following points:

1, regular inspection of the compressor Compressor is the "heart" of industrial chillers, its quality directly affects the stability of chiller use. If the compressor fails repair, the cost is relatively high, especially the high precision screw compressor expensive. Therefore, if you hear an abnormal sound compressor or other circumstances, we must contact the chiller plant to find a professional engineer to check to find out the reasons and maintenance.

2, regular cleaning of the condenser and evaporator condenser / evaporator is the second largest industrial chiller important component, it is best to clean once every six months. Water-cooled condenser cooling water is an open loop, the use of tap water is circulating through the cooling tower, easy to break down and deposit impurities in the water pipe to form scale, affecting the heat transfer effect. Fouling too thick will make the cooling water flow cross-section shrinks, reducing the amount of water, condensing pressure rise. Therefore, when the quality of tap water used is poor, it is best to wash at least once a year to remove scale from the pipe, and it is best to do tap water treatment.

3, regular inspection of the safety valve Industrial chillers condensers and evaporators are pressure vessels, according to the provisions of the high-pressure chiller to be installed on the condenser body safety valve, once the unit is in an abnormal working environment When the safety valve can automatically relieve pressure to prevent high pressure may cause harm to human body.

4, regular replacement of oil Industrial chillers in the long-term use, the oil will deteriorate the oil, oil internal impurities and moisture increase, so regular observation and inspection of oil. Once found the problem should be promptly replaced, the replacement of the best brand of lubricants provided by the original manufacturer.

5, Regular replacement of dry filter Dry filter is to ensure that the normal circulation of the refrigerant an important component. Since water and refrigerant are incompatible with each other, if the system contains moisture, the operating efficiency of the chiller will be greatly affected. Therefore, it is very important to keep the inside of the system dry. The filter inside the drying filter must be replaced periodically.