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Water Chiller With Heat Recovery

Nov 20, 2017

Water Chiller With Heat Recovery

1, while the need for cooling and heating of buildings, when technically and economically rational analysis, the choice of heat recovery chillers. Unit through the recovery of cooling water loss of heat for hot air conditioning or hot air preheating, industrial and domestic hot water heating, capacity and running time, reduce heat capacity.

2, the design should pay attention to the matter:

1. Heat recovery Chiller heat recovery, in theory, is the chiller capacity and the amount of work done by the compressor, heat recovery with the chiller cooling capacity decreased.

2. As the main task of heat recovery chillers is cooling, heating by heat recovery is only a by-product of the cooling process. If the hot water temperature is too high, the cooling efficiency of the chiller will be affected, and even the operation of chillers may be unstable. Generally, The auxiliary heat source further increases the temperature of hot water or hot air.

3 should be used to control the temperature of the hot water back to control the heat way.