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What Are The Characteristics Of Air Source Heat Pump?

Dec 20, 2017

Air Source Heat Pump Features:

1, air-conditioning system, a combination of hot and cold, and placed in the roof of the building, do not need to set up a special refrigeration room, boiler room, but also eliminates the chimney and cooling water pipe occupied by the building space. For the construction of bustling city lots of land, or unconditional boiler room construction, air-source heat pump hot and cold water unit is undoubtedly a more appropriate choice.

2, no cooling water system, no cooling water system power consumption, no cooling water loss. Air-conditioning systems such as water-cooled chillers, tap water loss not only evaporation loss, drift loss, as well as blowdown losses, loss of winter antifreeze drainage, system washoff when the summer is enabled, chemical cleaning dilution loss, etc., all of these losses And equivalent to about 2-5% of the amount of cooling water circulating water, according to the different nature of the chiller, the equivalent unit of cooling capacity loss is 2-4t / 100rt.h. This is a considerable amount for some of our severely missing cities. In addition, a considerable part of the project under partial load cooling water circulation remained unchanged. Or according to the number of host operating units, only for the appropriate number of adjustments. Our previous economy paid much less attention to this point.

3, because there is no boiler, no corresponding fuel supply system, no flue gas, no cooling water, system safety, sanitation and conciseness. For the professional heating, the boiler room is most likely to be a security risk, In addition, the formation of cooling water contamination of Legionella infections have been reported in many cases, from a health and safety point of view, air-source heat pump has obvious advantages.

4, system equipment and less concentrated, operation, maintenance and management simple and convenient. Some small systems can be used to control the opening and closing of indoor fan coil heat pump unit switch.

5, stand-alone capacity from 3rt to 400rt, complete specifications, engineering adaptability, which will help the system to refine the division, can be layered, sub-block, sub-user units set up independent systems.

6, cop value of summer operation is lower than water-cooled unit, more power consumption, energy saving in winter operation. For a typical building in Nanjing, a hot and cold winter city, the annual energy consumption of a heat pump system is lower than that of a water-cooled unit plus a boiler. However, at current energy prices, the annual operating cost of the heat pump system is higher than that of a water- Program.

7, higher cost. As a cold and heat source of air-conditioning system investment in equipment, air-source heat pump water heater unit cost is higher than the water-cooled unit plus the program of the boiler system cost more than 20-30% of the cost, such as only cold and heat source equipment, heat pump The price is about 1.5-1.7 times of water-cooled machine + boiler.

8, air-source heat pump chiller units exposed to the outdoors all year round, operating conditions worse than water-cooled chillers, their life is also shorter than the water-cooled chillers.

9, heat pump unit noise, the environment and adjacent rooms have a certain impact. Heat pump usually placed directly on the podium or roof, noise isolation effect, directly affect the neighboring rooms and the surrounding use of some rooms. Reasonable location and isolation noise isolation measures in place, the impact of heat pump noise can be basically eliminated.

10, air-source heat pump performance with the obvious changes in outdoor climate. When the outdoor air temperature is higher than 40-45 ℃ or lower than -10 ~ -15 ℃, the heat pump unit can not work normally.