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What Are The Factors That Affect The Normal Operation Of The Ground Source Heat Pump?

Aug 30, 2017

First of all, the water source heat pump central air conditioning system than the traditional home air conditioning self-detection protection mechanism more perfect and personalized. Because the ground source heat pump host is much more expensive than traditional air conditioning, its life is 3 to 5 times longer than ordinary home air conditioner, so the intelligent protection of the host will naturally be more comprehensive to ensure long-term stable use.

The most common problems with ground source heat pumps are as follows:

1, air conditioning water flow is insufficient, causing can not boot or often automatically shut down.

Reason: This situation belongs to the host self-protection of a way to avoid the evaporator water flow caused by freezing damage. Usually the pipeline is blocked in the pipeline or the pipeline is more than the air is not discharged due.

Solution: air conditioning in the end of the exhaust valve to let go of the air, clean up the filter, the fault will naturally be eliminated.

Special circumstances: part of the peak power supply voltage is too low, the circulating pump speed after the decline in water flow, just trigger a lack of traffic protection. This situation is rare, if any, only the air conditioning pipe pump specifications some of the way, more than the surplus has been caused by fluctuations in voltage fluctuations.

2, always prompt power failure, resulting in frequent shutdown unit.

Reason: usually the grid voltage is low or high at some time. Causing the unit to self-test alarm or even stop.

Solution: Ground source heat pump bus line as far as possible with other electrical circuit separately, separate line, so as to avoid other load changes when the power failure alarm.

3, ground source heat pump system overall high power consumption.

Reason: a lot of places, especially individuals and individual businesses installed only when the price is cheap, ignoring the latter part of the energy-saving effect, the initial matching wells were less hit the source wells, so in the process of cooling and heating hot and cold Lack of work, resulting in unit working hours longer, resulting in increased power consumption.

Solution: If conditions permit, can increase the number of wells, and received the original pipeline. But a lot of ground source heat pump is hit in front of the building in advance, it is difficult to increase the local wells. So to remind you that when the installation of ground source heat pump do not map a moment cheap, the wells hit less. If the conditions can be based on the standard configuration to add some source wells, so that the latter part of the use of great benefits.