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What Is Oil Separator?

Oct 10, 2017

What is the oil separator? Is it a device installed on the exhaust end of the compressor and what is its function?

The oil separator is separated from the refrigerant and the refrigerant gas. Note that the oil separator is not installed for every ice machine because some ice machines do not need to be fitted with oil separators. And once the oil separator is installed, the oil separator must be installed in the compressor exhaust port of the ice machine. When the compressor discharges the mixed gas of the refrigerant and the refrigerated oil, the oil separator uses the exhaust port To drive the oil separator, and then use the centrifugal force (centrifugal oil separator) for frozen oil and refrigerant separation.

Through the above explanation, I believe we have to understand the oil separator. So, the oil separator is really very simple, the role is relatively small? In fact, the oil separator structure is not very complicated, but its role is not small.

First of all, if there is no oil separator, will certainly cause the compressor lubrication problem, soon to show up. 

Second, if the ice machine does not have oil separator, although the refrigerant mixed with frozen lubricants to a certain extent to complete the condensation and evaporation, but it is impossible to complete the normal condensation, evaporation and other processes, it is impossible to achieve cooling efficiency and cooling capacity Claim.

Finally, if there is no oil separator, the compressor will certainly not work properly.

Of course, this is not repeated in the above description of the compressor lubrication problem, but that - because there is no oil separator, the refrigerant can not be completely condensed and condensed, will cause the liquid and frozen lubricants from the suction side into the compression Machine, causing serious problems.

It can be seen that the oil separator is not only "oil separation", it has a certain relationship with the other processes, and even that is a very large association, if a ice machine system needs oil separator to normal operation, Once out, it will cause serious problems, a short period of time will lead to compressor downtime, equipment, parking.