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What Is Salt Water Low Temperature Chiller?

Jun 05, 2017

Salt water low temperature chiller is the low temperature chiller with salt water cooling medium, temperature control range between minus 40 to 0 degrees. Low temperature units can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. According to the form of compressor can be divided into piston, scroll, screw and so on. Because of the compressor characteristic, the centrifugal type is seldom appeared in the conventional cold water chiller and low temperature water chiller. The compressor's adaptability to the low temperature unit mainly depends on the limit compression ratio that the compressor itself can bear.

Brine water chiller because of the concentration of brine, the temperature can be achieved at work on the low side, and ordinary water cooler is very different. Brine water chiller is commonly called brine chiller, brine chiller, brine ice water machine, brine water chiller, brine cooler, brine water cooler, etc..

A brine chiller, usually a unit of water temperature below 5 centigrade. It is usually used for low temperature demand in some special industrial production lines. Brine cryogenic chillers can generally be about -40 degrees celsius. Because of the lower water temperature of the brine cold water chiller, the design of the chiller is different from that of the conventional chiller. The basic difference is that the frozen water side, the low-temperature units need to add suitable varieties, suitable concentration of antifreeze. Because piston structure is easier to adapt to large compression ratio, it has more application space in lower temperature field. With the development of technology, the application scope and application stability of scroll compressor in low temperature field are also gradually increasing. Screw machine has more applications in the demand of higher cooling capacity. Due to the low temperature unit compressor has greater compression ratio requirements. Therefore, most of the cryogenic field adopts two stage compression or cascade compression cycle, which is more complex than single-stage compression.

Salt water chiller is used for medicine, chemical, beverage, food processing, photovoltaic and other special industries, a new generation of cryogenic equipment and design, the temperature range is adjustable from 30 degrees to 40 degrees below zero between any automatic.

Brine unit of refrigeration system and salt water contact parts of the requirements are relatively high (such as condenser and evaporator), general requirements of corrosion resistance, if the evaporator, using titanium tube; saline solution temperature in cold water machine can reach the relatively low, can reach 0 degrees or less, of course, the lower the temperature there is a relationship with the concentration of salt. As for the chiller is mainly used in the industry what you see, if the laser industry cooling, high water quality requirements, generally require the use of pure water or deionized water, and the water chiller evaporator with stainless steel or heat exchanger; there is a water chiller are generally in the 0 degrees, 0 degrees below the freezing.