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What Is The Fresh Air System

Sep 07, 2020

What is the fresh air system?


Through pipeline transportation, the indoor air is discharged and the outdoor air is sent in (a certain air purification is carried out before sending in), and the air exchange system that continuously circulates the indoor and outdoor air of the house for 24 hours to ensure the indoor air quality, It is the fresh air system.

Many people have doubts that it is necessary to buy a fresh air system?


First of all, from the perspective of the role of the fresh air system, its role is to directly filter out PM2.5 and toxic gases in the air through self-filtering air without opening the window, and can absorb and decompose viruses, bacteria and odors. The indoor and outdoor air is automatically changed, and at the same time, the indoor oxygen content and air freshness are balanced to increase living comfort. If these are dispensable to you, then you don't need to install a fresh air system.


   What is the difference between fresh air and air purifiers and central air conditioners? From the perspective of principle and structure, there is a big difference between fresh air system, air purifier and central air conditioner.

 The air purifier purifies the air by internal circulation, and the indoor air is circulated and purified, and no fresh air is produced. The fresh air system circulates and purifies the air, while exhausting indoor exhaust gas, while producing fresh air. The air purifier can quickly purify the air, but the indoor air is not circulating, the price is relatively cheap, and it is suitable for a separate room. The fresh air system can improve the air environment in an all-round way, the purification speed is slow, the price is expensive, and the installation is complicated. It is suitable for the situation where the window cannot be opened in the haze.


  Central air-conditioning is to input heating and cooling to solve the problem of indoor heating and cooling. The fresh air is the output ventilation to solve the problem of indoor air quality. The two cannot be replaced but complement each other. For example, in summer, closing doors and windows tightly, and opening both at the same time can maintain a cool room temperature and breathe fresh air.


   Many central air conditioners now claim to have a fresh air system, but this is not "fresh air" in the strict sense. At best, it can only be called "wind", and it does not have the function of ventilation. Similarly, the fresh air system does not have the function of cooling and heating. It can only balance the temperature of outdoor air and indoor air. In fact, the two are essentially different and cannot replace each other.


   Can the fresh air system remove dust, smog, and formaldehyde?


The electrostatic dust removal function of the fresh air system can remove large particles of dust, etc. The filter with HEPA filter element can remove the main component PM2.5 in the haze, and finally about the removal of formaldehyde, although some fresh air systems have cold catalysts that can purify formaldehyde, But it certainly didn't come quickly by opening the windows directly.


   Judging from the working principle of the three, it is necessary to install a fresh air system! Especially for long-term living in an environment with poor air quality, the fresh air system has shown great effects and advantages.