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What Is The Function Of The Condenser?

Mar 01, 2017

In refrigeration plants with condenser to condense refrigerant vapours, such as ammonia and freons.

Condensation of hydrocarbons and other chemical vapors in a petrochemical industry. A device for converting steam into a liquid during distillation.

In power plants, many condensers are used to condense the steam from the turbine;

All condensers are run by the heat of the gas or vapor. In some, the gas passes through a long tube (usually disk, solenoid) so that the heat loss to the surrounding air, such as copper conductive metal used for conveying steam. In order to improve the efficiency of the condenser, it is often necessary to attach heat sink on the pipeline to speed up the cooling. A heat sink is a flat plate made of good heat conducting metal. This type of condenser is usually used to force air through the radiator and take the tropical.