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What Is The Reason For The Power Consumption Of The Cold Storage?

Apr 05, 2021

What Is The Reason for The Power Consumption of the Cold Storage?

How can the construction of cold storage save electricity? After the cold storage is built, the power consumption of the cold storage is often increased due to incorrect use. The unreasonable design of the early cold storage will easily lead to the power consumption of the cold storage. So how can we make the cold storage more power-saving and correct operation to reduce the later electricity cost? What? Here are a few simple ways to share with you, I hope to help you.

What is the reason for the power consumption of the cold storage? Introduction of methods to reduce electricity cost of cold storage ≥20%

   1. First of all, let’s first analyze what factors will increase the power consumption of the cold storage:

A. The early design of the cold storage leads to the power consumption of the cold storage-the design of the refrigerant connection pipe is too long, the cooling configuration of the unit does not meet the requirements, the thickness of the plate does not meet the standard, the low-temperature cold storage does not use aluminum row type, the external machine and the internal machine do not match, Circumstances such as the use of 220v electricity in the cold storage will lead to an increase in power consumption.

B. Incorrect use in the later period leads to the power consumption of the cold storage-the goods are not pre-cooled before the goods are brought into the warehouse, the doors are often opened and closed without air curtains, the goods in and out are unreasonably stacked, and the cold storage is unscheduled for maintenance, etc. It will also lead to an increase in the power consumption of the cold storage.

   2. The following briefly introduces which methods can reduce power consumption and operating costs of your cold storage:

A. Reasonable design in the early stage to reduce the power consumption of the cold storage-low-temperature cold storage adopts aluminum row type to save electricity than air cooler type (not applicable to all low-temperature cold storages), and the cold storage is equipped with air curtains that frequently enter and exit the door. Each time the door is opened and closed, it can block The cold storage in the warehouse is lost. When configuring the cold storage unit, try to equip the cold storage equipment as much as possible, so that when there is a lot of goods in the warehouse, the unit will not be overloaded. The distance between the cold storage refrigerant connection pipe and the compressor should not exceed 10 meters. The cold storage uses 380v Electricity, etc., such methods can reduce the increase in cold storage electricity bills in the early stage of the design.

B. Use the cold storage to reduce the power consumption of the cold storage in the later stage. When using the cold storage, pay attention to the control of each incoming and outgoing goods at about 20-40% of the total amount, batch storage to reduce power consumption, and do it when using the cold storage. Turn off the lights and close the door, develop good behaviors, regularly check the sealing conditions in the cold storage, timely replenish the poorly sealed places (the gap before the storage board is sealed with silica gel, including the storage roof), and the unit equipment is cleaned regularly to avoid Inhalation of a large amount of dust in the equipment;

   The above are the common reasons for cold storage power consumption and ways to reduce cold storage electricity bills, I hope it will help you.