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What Is The Reason For The Sudden Increase In The Current Of Industrial Chillers?

Oct 12, 2020

What is the reason for the sudden increase in the current of industrial chillers?

The sudden increase in current in industrial chillers may be due to:

1. Excessive dust in the circulating chiller;

2. Poor ventilation in the place where the chiller is located;

3. The water temperature of the chiller is too high;

4. The power supply voltage of the chiller is too low;

5. The compressor in the chiller is aging.

It can be seen from the above reasons that it is very important to inspect and maintain the cooler regularly.

Check the water valve first. If multiple pumps and main engines are arranged in parallel, the valve of the unit to be operated is opened, and the valve of the unit that is not running is closed to avoid the problem of water flow distribution.

Turn on the refrigeration pump, then turn on the cooling water pump. The host can only run after the water flow switch is closed, but it does not rule out that sometimes the water flow switch will fail. After the pump is turned on, check the pump current, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water, and the water temperature. When it is normal, start the main engine.

Turn on the cooling tower according to the condensing pressure (condensing temperature)

It is recommended to check the operation of the industrial chiller first. If you cannot solve it by yourself, it is best to contact the after-sales department of the industrial chiller manufacturer to solve it.