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What Should I Do When The Cold Storage Cools Down For The First Time?

Jun 15, 2019

What should I do when the cold storage cools down for the first time?

Before the cold storage is put into production, the system debugging of the low-temperature cold storage installation is a very important content. Only the cooling adjustment can reduce the temperature in the cold storage to the temperature it needs, and avoid the sudden temperature decrease of the civil structure of the warehouse. And the destruction, the following and the refrigeration encyclopedia public number to understand, cold storage refrigeration in the process of the first cooling process is how to do.

First of all, we should do the corresponding preparation work, and do the vacuuming work for the refrigeration system. The temperature in the warehouse will gradually decrease by a slow method.

Next, we can evaluate an effect of cooling. Why is there a certain reason for slow cooling? This allows the moisture contained in the construction project to be slowly discharged to the outside. This also avoids the civil engineering project because of sudden temperature. Decrease, or cause damage due to freezing of water, it can also prevent a phenomenon of cold shrinkage caused by excessive temperature drop, which causes the external wall structure of civil engineering to be affected. This is actually an important part of the installation process of low temperature cold storage. content.

In the cooling operation before the installation of the cold storage, even if we should have a corresponding understanding, for example, before filling the refrigerant, we must do the vacuuming operation, so that we can check whether the system is tight, and can also promote the cold storage. The air and moisture inside are discharged, and the nitrogen filling and leaking operation should be done before the heat preservation. This is also a better treatment method. The materials used in each type of cold storage are different, so we need to meet the cooling requirements. The speed is also different, which is a detail that we must master when installing in a cold storage.

The first cooling of the cooling during the installation of the cold storage is so:

In the first step, the pressure difference is used to perform nitrogen charging.

The second step will be to properly supply the evaporator.

The third step will be an operation that slows down slowly.

The fourth step will be the operation of extremely rapid cooling. At this time, it is necessary to verify the effect of cooling.

The cooling effect of the freezing room is generally good. In a limited time, we can find that the evaporation temperature and the temperature of the warehouse can be quickly reduced to the normal range, and the cooling rate can meet the requirements. The natural warming in the warehouse is also normal. At the same time, after slow cooling, the walls of the warehouse are generally dry, and there will be no cracks or deformation.

When the low-temperature cold storage is installed, if the first cooling can be debugged, the civil structure can also be guaranteed to avoid a situation in which the civil structure is damaged due to sudden temperature drop.