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Which Factors Will Lead To The Decrease Of Cooling Performance Of Water Cooled Chiller?

May 05, 2017

The chiller is especially suitable for the local water resources are more abundant, the operation is stable, with a single large cooling capacity, high cooling efficiency characteristics, so commonly used in refrigeration requirements of large chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, electroplating plants and other industries.

Water cooling chillers in use, the need for cooling towers and pumps to provide heat to provide cooling water circulation, installation is more complex than the air-cooled chiller. Next, we want to introduce the cooling water cooling machine is the cause of the decline in performance factors, together to understand.

1, there is a part of the water cooling water source is used, after a long period of accumulation in the pipeline between the various devices, resulting in small water flow. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the pipes between the equipment;

2, the cold water into the factory, all the cold water in the factory before the performance test will be carried out to ensure the normal operation of the unit. If the initial use of indoor temperature can not come down, then it is possible that water-cooled chiller mismatch;

3, the first use of cold water chiller temperature does not drop down, another reason is that a little problem is installed between the chiller and cooling tower, circulating water pump, pipeline, according to the need of careful investigation of the installation diagram;

4, if there are cooling performance using half a year or one year after the water cooled chillers, there may be several problems: the heat exchanger is too dirty for the chiller, recommend cleaning heat exchanger (fin heat exchanger or shell tube heat exchanger), and regular follow-up use in cleaning the leakage of freon refrigeration system; cold water machine, find out the suggestion leak, repair welding, add refrigerant; there may be a cold water machine, the environment temperature is relatively poor, too high or too low, resulting in the chiller can not meet the requirements of cold water chiller in this case only by selecting more to meet request.

In the face of the chiller cooling performance decline, if the user does not have a professional maintenance staff is not allowed to deal with, but should find the original cold water machine manufacturers to arrange professional and technical personnel, or to find a professional repair point in the vicinity of the plant for processing; and for the poor water users, recommended for filtering water or do professional water treatment; in addition, users point to do regular maintenance work on the unit, not only can ensure the normal operation of the unit.

The chiller has been more and more widely used in all walks of life around us, its main role is to provide chilled water for industrial products or equipment, the use of water-cooled chiller to reduce the temperature, improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the cost of production. In the face of cold water chillers abnormal problems, we must promptly deal with the daily use should also pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, so as to effectively improve the service life of the equipment.


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