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Why It Is Better For Bigger Water Tank In Chiller?

Sep 21, 2017

Whether it is water-cooled chillers or air-cooled chillers, both need chilled water.Since the need for chilled water, you need to chill the tank water. Chilled water as a cooling medium, which as a carrier, indirect cooling equipment or the objects. In most industrial chillers, most chillers used the water as cooling medium, that is, chilled water. Since there are chilled water, you should understand the purpose of the existence of frozen water tank.

Why is better for the chiller with bigger cold water tank?

According to the purpose of the existence of chilled water tanks, we can know that the process in which it must be in the evaporator.

Making heat exchange in evaporator, the chilled water temperature becomes low, and then transported to the target object, the machine used. The return of chilled water, will be through the ball valve and other equipment, into the chilled water tank, the temperature become higher, after the pump work, once again pumping to the evaporator, the evaporator again make heat exchange, and then transported to the target device again to cool, used, the higher the temperature of chilled water The machine is once again returned to the tank through the pipe, and then the pump is pumped to the evaporator.

It can be seen that the existence of chilled water tank is meant to carry chilled water, and the amount of chilled water is relatively large, only the flow of chilled water in the pipeline, not enough to meet the normal chilled water chill demand, so the need for frozen water tank.

In general, the chilled water tank must work with the pump, in addition, there may be such as float switch and the ball valve and some control components, related pipes and other valves and so on.

By the above mentioned we can see that If the chilled water tank is not large enough, it may cause the chilled water temp to be low, that is, the cooling medium is insufficient. And even if the cooling effect is good, lack of cooling medium, we could not get a good cooling effect.