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Why The Cooling Tower Matching Will Affect The Chiller Cooling Effect?

May 02, 2018

Why the cooling tower matching will affect the chiller cooling effect?

    Under normal circumstances, cold water machine manufacturers produce chillers are mainly divided into air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. Air-cooled chillers use their own fans to dissipate heat, while water-cooled chillers must be equipped with cooling towers and circulating water pumps to provide continuous cooling water to achieve cooling. As we all know, the cooling tower has the effect of cooling. If the required temperature of the equipment or product is not high enough, the cooling tower and the well water can be directly used to achieve the purpose of cooling. Of course, if it is used together with a water-cooled chiller, the cooling effect is doubled, and it can control the temperature between +3°C and 50°C in the quickest possible time.


    When we choose the cooling water tower for the water chiller, it is often larger than the chiller model. For example, you choose a 10p water-cooled chiller, which is equipped with a 20T cooling tower; a 20p water-cooled chiller with a 30T cooling tower; a 30p chiller with a 40T cooling tower; and so on. If the matching circulating water pump model is wrong, if your cooling tower is 500T, but the circulating water volume is 800T, it will cause the cooling tower packing resistance to decrease, reduce the ventilation and reduce the steam-water ratio, the heat is certainly not good.


    When the cooling tower is equipped with a water-cooled chiller, its function is to take away the heat generated by the chiller due to cooling (theoretically, the energy is conserved, ie, how much heat is generated by how much cold is produced), and the effect of the cooling tower directly affects the cooling. The condensing temperature of the agent, when the condensing temperature rises, the condensing pressure will also rise. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that when the cooling tower cooling effect is not good, the heat generated by the water-cooled chiller cannot be excluded by design, leading directly to When the operating temperature rises and the cooling performance decreases, the water cooling chiller performance coefficient and service life will be directly affected.


    Therefore, if you want a longer service life of the water-cooled chiller and a better use of the water-cooled chiller, the matching models of the cooling tower and pump must be properly matched.