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Round Type Counter Flow Cooling Water Tower

Round Type Cross Flow Cooling Water Tower Special features 1. AYD-series cooling tower adopts high-quality PVC film and its honeycombed fan-pattern quietly increases the cold-and-hot alternative capability, stands the high temperature to 56°C, guarantee that the water tower can reach the best...
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Round Type Counter Flow Cooling Water Tower

Anyda series cooling towers are high efficiency that designed by our veteran engineers on basis of different environment and climate around the world, with reference to China standard "medium and small sizes glass fiber reinforced plastics cooling tower GB7190.0-2008", which fit with various environmental changes in different countries, better solved the problem that environment changes affect the cooling effect of the cooling tower, which also guarantee the matched equipment run normally and save energy to the largest extent.


1. Frame
Designed by using chains structure, the frame is stable and with good rigidity. The load is evenly distributed among each foundation, which makes operation more smooth. All structure parts are processed by hot assault zinc and has excellent performance of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

2. Glass fiber reinforced plastics
Using good quality surface sizing, UPR and glass fiber as raw materials, with standardized abrasive tools for production, glass fiber reinforced plastics surface is glossy, evenly colored, aging resistance, fastcolours and durable.

3. Motor
Using totally closed cooling tower's exclusive motor, protection level IP54, good sealing, which is suitable for running in damp and hot environment with low noise and long lifetime.

4. Fan
Using wide blade, raked space twisted, low rotate speed and aluminum alloy axial fan, which is low rotate speed, large air quantity, low noise in operation and good dynamic balance etc., its angle is adjustable, which suits customers' requirements on air quantity and noise etc. Aspects very well

5. Reducing gear
Reducer casing using imported bearings and triangle belt, which guarantee cooling tower's reducing gear run smoothly with low noise and makes tower's lifetime longer.

6. In fill
Made of good P. V. C plain film that is processed through hot water heating and compression, which makes cooling tower's reducing gear run smoothly with low noise and lifetime longer.

7. Sprinkler head
Using aluminum alloy, imported bearings inside, high precision installation, close fit, smooth running, long lifetime.

8. Water basin
Designed on basis of large water reservation and high water level, which avoids pump-out while starting and guarantees equipment run normally.



 DataWater flowm3/h15.6223.431.2139.2446.862.6478.1297.56117156.24195.12234273.24312.12
Air Volumem3/h9600138001680019800252002700042000498005700075000105000132000144000156000
Sound Volume(16M)dbA505156.557.557596060606262626565
Net Weightkg671161301902402605005405808801080176018002840
Running weightkg3005305509751250128016001640168019802800393039705740
Piping Water Inlet W150808080100100125125150150200200200200
Water outletW050808080100100125125150150200200200200
Overflw OF2525252525252525254050505080
Drain DR2525252525252525254050505080
Flow Valve FV1515151520202525252525252532
 Height Tower TH19252080215021802405250527852785304532054410454045404555
Casing CH11801275132513351350145016201620188019702300240024002255
Air Inlet AH175225225225325325325325325365560560560690
Water Basin WH400400400420460460520520520520900900900900
Water InletIH205260260235260260325325325315280280280280
Water outletOH135180180150165165180180180160280280280280
Foundation FH250300300300300300300300300300300300300400
 DiaExhanust FanED7707709309301180118014701470147017802135244024402745
Water Basin WD11801665166518952110211029202920292033204200473047305600
Foundation FD7801200120013701670167023602360236027204330499049905860
Anchor Bolt BD
SizeFoundation FS250300300300300300300300300300300300300400
Bolt Center BCM10M10M12M12M12M12M12M12M12M14M14M14M14M16
MaterialDrive   typeDirect 
FanEp01 Polycarbonate 
Motor T.E.F.C.380V/50Hz 
Motor standGalvanized Steel 
Casing Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester 
Water Basin Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester 
Filet systemPolycarbonate &   P.V.C.pipe 
EliminatorFibreglass Reinforced Polyester 
Air inlet standPolycarbonate &   P.V.C.Mash 
Tower standFibreglass Reinforced Polyester 
Ladder Galvanized Steel 
Pipng P.V.C.pipe 
Film standPoly.&G.I.Steel 
In-Fill P.V.C.Film 

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