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3 Compressors 180 HP Water Cooled Screw Chiller Used For 500 Ton Peanut Oil

180 hp water cooled screw chiller(001).jpg  180hp water screw chiller(001).jpg

3unit of 20 kw air cooled chiller

5 ton air cooled chiller(001).jpg   20 kw air cooled chiller(001).jpg

20 Hp Air Cooled Water Chiller Working For Fatigue Text Box

20HP water chiller(001).jpg    60kw water chiller(001).jpg

40Hp Air Cooled Chiller Working with Dehumidifieri In University

30 ton water chiller(001).jpg  40 hp air cooled chiller(001).jpg

40HP Air Cooled Water Chiller For Ginseng Purification                 600Kw Air Cooled Screw Chiller 

40HP air cooled water chiller(001).jpg    air screw chiller.jpg

800 kw water cooled screw chiller

800 kw chiller(001).jpg  800 kw water cooled screw chiller(001).jpg

Air Cooled Screw Chiller With Heat Recovery ,Air Conditioner And Hot Water For HotelWater Cooled Screw Chiller
air conditioning chiller(001).jpgwater cooled screw chiller(001).jpg

Cold Room Installation

bitzer condensing unit(001).jpg   condensing unit(001).jpgcold room(001).jpg indoor coold room(001).jpg installation(001).jpg

Explosion Proof Low Temperature Methanol Chiller For Oil And Gas Recovery System

explosion proof chiller(001).jpg    oil and gas recovery system(001).jpg

Glycol Water Chiller For Milk Cooling

glycol water chiller(001).jpg  milk chiller(001).jpg  milk(001).jpg

Water Cooled Double Screw Compressor Chiller With -3C Outlet For Rotary Dehumidifier

-3C outlet temp water cooled chiller(001).jpg  double compressors water cooled screw chiller(001).jpg  rotary dehumidifier(001).jpg

    50 ton condensing unit+DX type air handling unit