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Pool Recirculating Aquarium Water Screw Chiller For Fish Tank

Pool Recirculating Aquarium Water Screw Chiller For Fish Tank Product Description: Anyda series of water cooled industrial chillers are capable of controlling precisely the mold temperature in plastic molding process as so to shorten molding cycle and speed product formalization. The...
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Pool Recirculating Aquarium Water Screw Chiller For Fish Tank

1.Simple Discription

Aquarium Water Chiller For Fish Tank is suitable for places such as hotels, restaurants, seafood markets, aquariums, aquariums, aquaculture farms, etc. where the temperature of fish pond water is required.

Chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure cooling water equipment. Water chillers are divided into water tank chillers, open chillers, screw chillers, air-cooled chillers, and water-cooled chillers. According to the requirements, it can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature set by the user without the need for special care. The principle is to first inject a certain amount of water into the water tank, and cool the water in the water tank through the cooling effect of the chiller refrigeration system. The circulating chilled water pump will send the low-temperature chilled water into the equipment mold or other cooling system that needs to be cooled. In the water tank, heat is absorbed by the evaporator of the refrigeration system to further cool the circulating water and reduce its temperature. Such a round-trip can make the water temperature of our equipment or pool reach the ideal temperature we want.

Because some types of seafood and fish do not adapt to high temperatures, in order to ensure the survival rate, it is necessary to use a refrigerator to cool the fish pond, and also to reduce the metabolism of seafood and fish to low during transportation to ensure the freshness of fish !

Here we introduced this screw water chiller is used for a aquaculture workshop.We adopt anti-corrosive Ti material evaporator to make the longer life.

2.Specs table

ItemSpecification / Supplier
Cooling capacityModelAYD-120W
Power inputkw86.7
Power supply380V-3N-50HZ
Temp Outlet (ºC)10
refrigerant controlExpansion valve
Refrigeration circleone
CompressorStyleSemi-hermetic screw
Compressor Power(kw)86.7
CondenserStyleShell and Tube /  1set
Pipe size(DN)100
Cooling tower flow(m3/h)72.6
EvaporatorStyleShell and Tube /  1set
Cold water flow(m3/h)51.6
Pipe size(DN)100
Protector Device1,Phase protector
2,Fan overload protector
3,High/low voltage protector
4,overheat protector
5,Anti-freeze protector
Unit Weight(kg)2050
Operating Weight(kg)2250
Main  Parts
ElectronicLS  /  Carlo
Electromagnetically valveEmerson
Expansion ValveEmerson
Electrical controlPunp


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3.Product Details:

120hp chiller

aquaculture chiller

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